Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

Where are you located?

Our inspection location is centrally located at 2510 E Divide Ave (the corner of 26th Street and East Divide) in Bismarck. It is located on the north side of the white church at that location (we share a parking lot). We also do off-site inspections at the location of your choice.

Do I need to bring anything other than the vehicle?

No. We provide all the necessary Department of Motor Vehicle forms that you will need to verify that your previously damaged or modified vehicle has been inspected and meets all statutory requirements.

How much does an inspection cost?

Most inspections are $50, guaranteed to be the lowest price in the region. Off-site inspections are an additional $10 in the Bismarck area.

What happens if my vehicle doesn't pass the inspection?

You will need to have the problem(s) fixed and return to complete the inspection. There is no additional fee for this. You only pay once your vehicle passes the required inspection.

Do you perform emissions testing?

No we don't. Emissions testing is not required in North Dakota.

What exactly gets inspected on my vehicle?

Cars, vans, trucks and SUVs must meet the statutory requirements for the following: headlights, taillights, license plate light, clearance lights and reflectors, brakes, brake lights, turn signals, emergency flashers, horn, exhaust system, mirrors, windshield tinting, windshield wipers, bumper height, door and hood latches, floor pan, steering wheel, fenders, fuel system, steering and suspension, and tires.

Motorcycles must meet the following statutory requirements: frame and chassis, brakes, tires-wheels-rims, steering and suspension, fuel system, muffler, seat, chain guard, vehicle stand, glazing, horn, speedometer and odometer, lighting equipment, passenger seat, footrest, and highway bars.

Trailers must meet the following statutory requirements: taillights, clearance lights and reflectors, brake lights, turn signals, safety chains and/or brakes.